Since large reserves of oil and gas were disovered in Qatar in the 1940s, this small Arab county has risen from the desert sands to become one of the richest countries in the world. Its rapid economic growth has put Qatar well and firmly on the map and offers expats an extremely attractive lifetsyle – with 100% tax-free wages and newly developed leisure and entertainment facilities.

Surrounded by bright turquoise waters and sharing land borders with Saudi Arabia, its terrain is an interesting mix of arid deserts, dunes and beaches, and ultra-modern architecture. Its capital Doha, is where you’ll discover the country’s business district which forms its impressive skyline. You’ll also find the Corniche, a 7km waterfront walkway that has fast become a popular place to exercise and admire the dazzling city lights.

With the country’s growth, infrastructure has been developed to ensure that you can easily make the most of the excellent sport facilities – football, tennis and squash stadums and an equestrian club – prestigious restaurants, well regarded schools and parks and recreation areas.

Qatar is also an appealing place to raise your family: it’s conservative law and order policies ensure safety for its residents. Its culture promotes family activites such as outdoor sports, arts and crafts bazaars, social brunches and cultural events and for bachelors Qatar is a very welcoming place to relocate, as many others have also moved to the country to develop their career and broaden their life experience – it’s a great envirnoment to make new friends and enjoy new activities.