Our History

Established in 1969 in Qatar, we have close to 50 years of expertise in Business Development and Investment Management.

We commenced operations with a single subsidiary, but quickly grew to include several different businesses. Today, our operations include manufacturing and distributing fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG), real estate management, contracting and logistics services, and production of asphalt & concrete.

We provide long-term vision and strategic direction to our subsidiaries, and actively oversee their daily functioning. We also continue to capitalize on our strengths, and invest in other companies that share our ‘core values’.

Our History

Our Mission

We commit ourselves towards building a forward thinking and diversified organization aiming to maximize the shareholders’ value by continuously enhancing our business performance, delivering healthy financial results and achieving sustainable growth. Provide a wide range of quality products and services at affordable prices and thus commit ourselves to the welfare of our customers, our channel partners and the society at large.

We aim to continue fostering our strong belief in professionalism, personal integrity highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business and corporate social responsibility while attaining individual career aspirations and maintaining a healthy work and life balance.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a well-respected, progressive and performance driven organization enjoying leadership position in every business we associate with.

Our Vision

Core Values

Commitment to customers

We believe in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers based on trust and commitment, exceeding customer expectations by providing higher value, and forming mutually beneficial partnerships to help them achieve growth and profitability.


We believe in taking ownership of our responsibilities, optimizing resource utilization, and completing assigned tasks within agreed timelines. We accept our occasional set-backs with a positive spirit and take quick corrective measures, to ensure we successfully deliver on all our undertakings.


We believe in diverse multi-cultural teams and in building a healthy and conducive work environment. We solicit interpersonal business relations based on mutual respect, trust and support of each other’s initiatives with only the best interest of the company in mind.


We are a performance driven organization and emphasize on continuously trying to surpass expectations. We are never content with our achievements and always aim for higher benchmarks.


We are committed to follow the highest standards of ethics and moral values in all our transactions. We believe in doing the right things to the best of our capabilities and as per the law of the country.


We always seek to improve the quality of our products, services and work practices by continuously challenging the status quo in every aspect of our business. We believe in setting our benchmarks to the highest standards.

Board of Directors

Tarique Mohammad
Tarique Mohammad
Chief Executive Officer

It is indeed my pleasure to welcome you to Zad Holding Company’s website.

The world we live in is continuously transforming. In the next few years not only consumer goods, but also other auxiliary industries will experience more transformation than what they have witnessed in the decades before. Old paradigms will become redundant and new norms will be established.
In keeping pace with the changing times, our products and services have also evolved to be more relevant to the ever-changing tastes and preferences of our consumers. Our brands have moved from awareness, to creating value, both financially and through increasing consumer loyalty.
Our objectives have been realized through our commitment to achieving the highest standard of product and service quality, improved customer relationships, adaptation to market dynamics and our determination to provide the best value to all our customers. The vision and leadership of our board of directors, along with our business ethics and core values, has played a very important role in further strengthening our relationship with all our stakeholders. We always work to ensure that they benefit from our continued growth, development, and success.
Over the last few years, we have increased the breadth of our portfolio by carefully selecting and diligently investing in growing and successful businesses within Qatar and beyond. As a business entity, we capitalize on our operational experience, management expertise and financial strengths to invest in companies that share our business ideology and values. This strategy forms the basis of our business philosophy.
As we embark upon our journey to the exciting times ahead, we will continue collaborating with all our stakeholders to ensure that sustainable growth is achieved through innovation, value creation and by providing an inspiring atmosphere for our employees.


Tarique Mohammad joined Zad Holding Company in 2006 as the General Manager of one of its subsidiaries, and later assumed the position of the Chief Executive Officer of the holding company in 2009. He brings with him extensive experience in building organizational capabilities, business restructuring & diversification, driving growth strategies, international market development, and financial investments.

Tarique has an MBA in Marketing, as well as a Master of Applied Finance degree. His understanding of complex business processes, a keen eye on the ever changing economic and business environment, combined with his commercial and financial acumen, has ensured the consistent growth of Zad Holding Company. He has held various executive management positions across both private and public ownership companies over the last 20 years, while working in the GCC and Australia.

We believe in working with integrity, and taking responsibility for our decisions and actions. We find solutions to problems and keep open communication with our partners.

We lead with a clear vision and establish guidelines, standards and procedures to create consistency across our brands and monitor our key performance indicators. The information we gain enables us to mitigate risks and drive the business forward.

We invest in projects and people that are in alignment with our business strategy. We also utilize the latest technology and innovation, which enable us to enhance performance and remain competitive in the global marketplace.